Wethepeople Awake Crank

Shortly after starting work on his frame, Ed Zunda gave Wethepeople some valuable feedback on the Royal cranks, so naturally they came together to work on his own signature crank. The Awake cranks follow the same principle as his frame and are built to be bolted on and shredded with no looking back.
Using a super tough 2pc design, the right arm is welded directly onto the spindle, allowing the crank to be incredibly rigid and strong, whilst also keeping the weight down. The larger 22mm spindle on the Awake crank allows the crank to be incredibly stiff, yet much lighter than a regular 19mm spindle due to it being hollowed out.
Available in 170mm and 175mm options, if you’re looking for a set of cranks that will outlast you, look no further…

FEATURES: welded on gusset on the spindle boss / dent resistant oval shape arms / smooth spindle boss design to minimise ankle damage / RSD&LSD compatible
WEIGHT: 890g, 31.75oz
COLOR: matte black

Ed Zunda’s signature Awake cranks from Wethepeople