Watch 3 Day Metro Pass with Jordan Godwin, Kriss Kyle and Felix Prangenberg Now

Now on Youtube, here’s that insane Red Bull video from Milan and their 3 Day Metro Pass edit with Jordan Godwin, Felix Prangenberg and Kriss Kyle. None of whom feature in the photo/holding image in the Youtube still here, but hey. The video is crazy – the enders are bananas.

“The crew for this trip was a belter”

INFO: Grab your metro pass and hop on board for an impromptu trip to Milan with some of the raddest dudes in BMX. The crew for this trip was a belter and was an easy choice to make, consisting of none other than Kriss Kyle, hard-way master Jordan Godwin, and German tech teen Felix Prangenberg. It doesn’t really matter where you go when you’ve got a group of riders with such a variety of styles.