Brian Kachinsky’s Bike Check

Brian Kachinsky‘s new set-up is all over the RideBMX website right now – with new Globetrotter frame, Primo parts and testing some new GT samples which should be out soon. Scope the classic GT 4pc bars, Pool tyres, and more – which are out right about now in GT dealers. But check out the new colour that 2018 GTs will be coming in – new ‘copper-flage‘. Tight. Go to the RideBMX site for morephotos by Jeff Zielinski

“I have been riding/testing this frame for well over a year. We have gone through a few tweaks before we arrived at the final version that you see today. From day one I loved the geometry we decided on. It’s a great middle ground for tech and burly riding. I mostly ride street, but love how this bike handles in parks and on jumps as well. It feels totally solid on all of it! During the testing phases we added some strength features to ensure that this frame can take a beating. That is very important to me. I need a frame that feels fun to ride, but that I can also trust 100%. This frame has it all” – Brian

How good does copper-flage look! New BK Globetrotter coming soon… photos by Jeff Zielinski