Watch FISE Spine Highlights Here

Every year FISE in Montpellier lays on one of the best ramp contests around – the FISE Spine Finals. An evening session under spotlights and outdoors on a huge wide spine ramp, this is unquestionably a big-trick fest with all the heavy hitters in town unleashing all the new tricks. The massive crowd goes back as far as the eye can see and, suitably beered up, are rowdy and up for everything – hence the atmosphere is mental.
VitalBMX were on the case with this highlights video… big moves.

“This is always one of the craziest contests of the year and this one took it to a whole new level. Watch countless bangers and numerous brand new tricks from Logan Martin, Brian Fox, Alex Coleborn, Mark Webb, Daniel Dhers, Kevin Peraza, Pat Casey, Michael Beran, and more!” – Kyle