Sneak Preview – The New GT Fueler

It’s back. One of the most loved mid-school frames in BMX is back with a full revamp for modern riding: here’s the new GT Fueler for 2017…

“This modern reincarnation of the legendary frame makes it’s return a little late for its 21st birthday. Who starts to party on time anyway!? Modern materials, updated Shredometry for any type of riding, wrapped in chrome and decals from the mid-nineties vaults make this one bitchin’ frame.” – GT

SPEC:  Fueler Frame
TT Size: 21.25”
HT Angle: 74.75°
ST Angle: 72.5°
BB/Height: Mid/11.61″
Rear End Length: 13.5″-13.875″
Standover: 9.2”
Dropouts: 14mm w/ Integrated Tensioners
Brake Mounts: Removable Chain Stay
Gyro Tabs: Removable
Weight: 5 lbs 7.68 oz (2.48kg)
•Long 5” (127mm) Headtube
•Double gussets
•Oversized 1.5” Downtube
•Butted and Top, Down & Seat Tube
•Oversized/Ultra-Tapered Chain Stays
•CNC Dropouts w/ Tensioner