Behind The Scenes with Crandall at Vans Pro Cup

These Vans videos with Steve Crandall on the mic, handling business before the contest goes down, are always the best. Vans are ruling it right now.

INFO: Steve Crandall explores the pits at the Vans BMX Pro Cup in Guadalajara to find out the current BMX Pro Cup points standings and inquire about the local cuisine. Spoiler alert: No ones knows if they are in the top ten and everyone thinks Tom Dugan is getting squirrelly. We find out Corey Walsh’s new nickname and why Jason Watts feels like an order of nachos. Featuring Kevin Peraza, Sergio Layos, Jason Watts, Gary Young, Dennis Enarson, Tom Dugan, Robbie Morales, Corey Walsh, Chase Hawk, Chris Doyle, Andrew Lazaruk, Kris Fox and Biz Jordan.

Twin Steps – “Junkie Song”