Pat Casey’s New Video Is Wild. Watch…

WTF is that ender! Pat Casey just added a few extensions to his back yard set-up, and has just comprehensively shut it down. If you love ramp edits, then this video is epic.

“The best backyard on the planet? Although it may be hard to imagine, the level of awesomeness that is Pat Casey’s private dirt and ramp setup is pure reality.”

With the help of Monster Energy, Pat debuts the newest additions to his Dream Yard as only he can, by pushing the boundaries of what’s possible on a BMX bike… including an ender that will leave you dumbfounded.

Filmed By: Ryan Fudger & Veesh
Additional Filming: Cassidy Tillemans
Directed By: Veesh
Music By: “Dreaming” By Veesh & Sam Perrigan