25.4 Update: Product Guide

Following on from our 25.4 bar/stem article from a while back, where we spoke with Mikael from WTP/Eclat about this new standard, we thought we’d wrap up a few product highlights of bars and stems that are available in this size. With more and more options of bars and stems coming out with 25.4 (or, 1″), you now have a ton of choice – so if you want more grip and more strength where it counts, check these bars and stems out.

Eclat have these 25.4 bars and stems available right now – the 4pc Strangler bar and the new topload Slattery stem.
You want a complete bike that comes with 25.4? Wethepeople have you covered – their top of the line Envy comes with 25.4 bars and stem (and has done for 2 years). WAY ahead of the curve.
The Hydra stem from WTP comes in 25.4 options, and is a CNC machined stem which also features Shark Tooth machining. Your bars with NOT slip with this set-up.
Showing the difference between regular 22.2 and 25.4, here’s how both types of WTP Mad Max bars measure up. Soon, ALL bars and stems coming from WTP will have 25.4 options.
The upcoming Felix Prangenberg bars from WTP will come in both 22.2 and 25.4 sizes.
BSD are also embracing the 25.4 size with their product line – with their full line of bars and stems coming in what they call the ‘OS size’.

For more about 25.4mm bars and stems, click here to read our interview with Mikael.