How Dialled Are Wethepeople’s Supreme Hubs?

The Supreme hubs from Wethepeople are arguably the best hubs available – if you like cassette hubs, then the Supreme should be top of your list and for a few good reasons. Let’s get into details.

1. WTP says, “The Supreme is really about as far from an ‘off the shelf’ hub as you can find. The end result of over 4 years of extensive R&D, the Supreme is an incredibly advanced cassette hub packed full of features which you won’t find on any other hub out there”

2. You want hub guards? WTP has you covered: “Our Supreme Cassette Hub got upgraded recently with the addition of injection-molded, nylon/fibreglass blend hub guards which are now available at your local Wethepeople dealer if you’re looking for a buttery smooth grinding setup.”

3. “One of the great features you’ll find on the Supreme Cassette hub is the extra hub bearing on the non-drive side. The technology is used in downhill mountain biking, now with x3 high-quality bearings inside the hub shell, the hub rolls much smoother, for much longer, despite big impacts and long-term stress.”

4. Also – note the Supreme is built completely differently to a regular cassette hub – the pawls and springs are not on the driver, as with 99% of the hubs out there. “The Q-Lite system uses pawls and springs inside of the hub body, instead of on the driver. This allows us to double the amount of pawls, which not only makes the hub much more reliable.”

5. The Supreme pawl system also allows you to switch the drive from RHD to LHD and back – “this system has the benefit of letting you switch the drive side of the hub very easily.”

6. You want a strong cassette hub? Wethepeople has you covered. “The bushing driver eliminates the need for bearings, allowing us to use a larger diameter 17mm axle all the way through the driver, a part where most hubs go down to a smaller diameter to accommodate the bearing” – these things are built TOUGH.

For more info go to Wethepeople’s site here.