Closer Look At Wethepeople’s Ed Zunda Awake Frame

With Ed Zunda blowing minds on the regular, it’s time to take a better look at the signature frame he’s riding – the Awake frame from Wethepeople. Here’s a few pointers into why this is one of the most technically advanced, strongest, quickest, and toughest street frames on the block. Dave Paterson from WTP filled us in with the details.

It’s all in the details… check that build quality.

So what’s the deal here? “Ed Zunda joined the squad back in 2014, and his vision for a signature frame was clear. After 6 months of trying a few of our frames and working out what features he wanted, the plan for the Awake frame was done.”

What’s the main goal behind the Awake frame? “It’s a short and responsive street frame with super tough 6mm thick invest cast dropouts designed to grind, the Awake frame was designed with the technical street assassin in mind.”

Invest cast dropouts, built to take it.

What’s the deal with these dropouts? “The special 6mm thick invest dropouts on the AWAKE frame keep the backend incredibly stiff, a necessity when you’re throwing hard 3’s out of rails as regularly as Ed does.”


How short is that back end? “One of the shortest chainstays we offer on any of our 2017 frames, the Awake rides with a slammed position of 13″, and a slightly longer 13.2″ option in the center which is exactly how Ed sets his bike up.”

Wider, shorter, attention to detail… it’s all there.

What other details feature on Ed’s frame? “CNC machined stay bridges, extruded top tube for removable brake hardware, and S-bend chainstays are some of the features you will find on this PRO level beast.”

Trans matt red looks SO good. Oh, and the matt black looks stealthy as hell too.

Did Ed pick out the colours? “Ed had a lot of input on the color options this year. We went through a lot of possible paint finishes for the 2017 AWAKE, but this Matt Translucent Red was the winner.”

How strong is this frame? “We have so much faith in the strength and quality of our frames, like ALL of our aftermarket frames, the Awake frame is covered by our full LIFETIME GUARANTEE.”