The Numbers Behind GT’s Seriously Fun Video

Everyone loves numbers and stats right? With the latest GT team full-length video, Seriously Fun, we thought we’d ask Ben Ward to come up with the numbers on this production – which just goes to show the effort and work that went into this new team video…

Nothin’ but good times with this crew. Cruising in Taiwan.

Team Trips went on: “Roughly five. Dan, BK, and Jeff did a lot of weekend trips together in the final months. Albert even joined one right when winter hit – poor SoCal kid had never felt riding so cold. There’s even a clip of him in the video riding in his parka, haha.”
Riders involved: “Fourteen in the video officially. But I can’t even begin to count the endless number of homies that helped us all out along the way. Thanks everyone!”
Hours of footage logged: “517.2GB… no clue how many hours!” – Brady.

“I know Conway was sitting on almost 10 minutes of solid no bullshit footage.” – Ben Ward

Number of music tracks selected & rejected: “Final count was 12. Rejected tracks… maybe five total. There is another cut of the video that we weren’t able to get clearance on one of the songs. Thanks Universal!”

Bails filmed: “Not as many you would think and not as few as you would hope. A lot of the stuff the guys were filming was the kind of stuff you hope to one-and-done; unfortunately that isn’t always the case.”
Hotel rooms booked: “This one makes my head spin, haha. In total, two houses, one mansion, 40 hotel rooms. So with the two houses, we had one giant house near the beach in Long Beach, CA. and my own in Connecticut. The mansion outside San Diego where the BMX crew had the entire back wing. That place was enormous and it took a minute and a half to walk from my bed to the kitchen. Then roughly 40 hotel rooms.”
Cameras used: Andrew Brady – Sony A7RII. Zach Krejmas – Panasonic AC90, Canon 7D, Panasonic HMC150
Lenses used: Andrew Brady – 18-105 kit lens, 10-17mm Tokina fisheye. Zach Krejmas – Various Canon lenses, Opteka Titanium Series .3 HD extreme fish, with an extra spacer ring for extra depth.

Jay Cowley flew to Malaga to film clips for Seriously Fun – and also for a GT feature edit that’s coming out soon. Watch this space…

Weight of filming kit lugged from spot to spot: “The film camera bags were relatively light and mobile. Jeff Z’s photo kit on the other hand is out of control. His ‘light bag’ is around 40lbs. and his full on shooting kit is easily 100lbs. Between the two bags, he will wear one on the front and one on the back, all by himself. If Conway is around, he would usually wrestle the big bag from Z and pedal around the city still firing out bangers. Conway is amazing.”
Stuff stolen: “Beyond a stolen heart from time to time, we were pretty lucky here.”
Stuff lost: “Andrew Brady – Lost a Glidecam. Zach Krejmas – Nothing”
Stuff found: “Endless spots and great times in Maryland and Taiwan! Krejmas LOVES hats and I found him a pretty rad one on the ground when I was out solo searching Taichung, Taiwan. He was stoked when I gave it to him.”
Countries visited: “Between the entire crew roughly 8 countries visited. US, UK, Spain, Brazil, France, Germany, Switzerland, and Taiwan.”

To download GT Seriously Fun go here

GT Featured Riders:

Albert Mercado
Brian Kachinsky
Chase Krolicki
Chelsea Fietsgoden
Dan Conway
Jay Cowley
Jeff With Glasses
Jason Phelan
Jonesy Fedderson
Jordan Grandinetti
Leandro Moreira
Rob Wise
Tristen Cooper
Ty Callais