Watch Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, Kris Fox and more at Vans Skatepark in HB

Another prime In The Cut video piece from Dig, this time from BMX Day (7:20) when Vans opened its HB skatepark for bikes only… check it.

“VANS celebrated BMX DAY opening the doors of ITS Park in Huntington Beach on a super hot 7/20 day! Many riders showed up and enjoyed a chill session. Good vibes, good tricks all over around the street course and bowl, some giveaways and gifts … Featuring: Dakota Roche, Sean Ricany, Nick Tellez, Ricky Moseley, Veesh, Nick Krauer, Michael Harkous, Matt Cordoba, Kris Fox, Baby Johnny, Josh Clemens, Trevor Sigloch, Nathan Sykes and Jason Watzz.” – Dig

Filmed by Fernando Gomarin Olaiz.