Watch Ed Zunda and co hit Melbourne for Street Series

Another quality edit from Melbourne‘s round of the Street Series from Monster – this time from RideBMX… here Ed Zunda guides us through the jam.

“One day around the world, BMXers hit the streets for the honorary BMX Day (it’s actually 7/20, but The Street Series pushes it to the closest Saturday). This year I jumped on a 16 hour plane ride, landed at 8am, and was in the streets by 11am to witness the Australian BMX scene in its full awesomeness. If I’m being honest, I did a rather poor job of capturing just how hilarious and awesome the day was. Constant heckling, laughs from every direction, and some downright awesome riding from the locals. Ed Zunda was the official host of the day, but he’s a man of few words, so just enjoy the randomness. Shout out to Monster for putting The Street Series together…”