Go Behind The Scenes on Wethepeople’s Trip To Vancouver

A helluva lot goes into producing a team trip video project – getting everyone on the same schedule and time-frame, booking multiple different flights, hotels, transportation, spots, filmers, photographers, food budget, travel expenses, the list goes on and on. Here’s RideBMX‘s behind the scenes glimpse into Wethepeople‘s latest trip to Vancouver. Check it.

“Vancouver with WeThePeople was a chilled yet amazing time. Here’s everything that went down in-between those lengthy tech lines and that gargantuan pegs to hard-180 ender. Shouts to OGC for the accommodations, all of the locals for their amazing hospitality, and all of the dudes on the trip. Dillon Lloyd, Jared Chilko, Jordan Godwin, Justin Hughes, and Dean Hartley.” – Ride