Bike Check: Scott Hamlin’s GT

We’ve said it before – riders who work in bike shops and know their way around a Park Tools set-up ALWAYS have dialled-in bikes. This time, we have Scott Hamlin’s GT Phelan signature frame set-up – here’s Scott in Antwerp, above – built with a host of quality parts, no expense spared, and finished with custom details such as tubeless system. Given that Scott also runs Stuntman Mechanix at major events such as NASS, keeping everyone else’s bike going through the course of a weekend, it’s no surprise that this thing is tighter than a drum. Let’s get into details.

GT Bikes, Jason Phelan Frame – “Deliberately tarnishes over time for a completely unique look.”
Fork Tall Order, Ramp fork
Handlebars Tall Order Ramp bars 9.5″ “Since running these alongside the fork the bike has totally changed for the better. Much prefer the riding position now.”
Stem Profile Racing Acoustic stem Front Load. 48mm reach “Front loaders never slip on me, and the shorter the stem the snappier the steering.”
Grips GT Bikes Ribbed grips (flanged)
Headset FSA Impact “Different grease in these makes them last and the smoothness is much better.”
Bottom bracket Social Bike Co
Spindle Vocal Bmx Chro-mo “6 years, I finally broke the Titanium one Rob Hill gave to me, thanks Rob!”
Sprocket The Set “No idea which one, I’ve had it for 2 years though!”
Pedals Crank Brothers Stamp Pedals “Got lost in the post so they are not pictured but boy are they decent!”
Seat GT Bikes “Pizza, doughnuts, ghouls… I know, so cool right!”
Seatpost Alienation “BMX Billy Club Taller post for a sending real barspins, none of this busdriver nonsense!”
Seatpost clamp GT Bikes Built-in
Front rim Alienation BMX Delinquent rim 36H “Custom nail varnish splatter to match the frame!”
Rear rim Alienation Bmx Delinquent rim 36H “Nail varnish splatter also.”
Rear hub 34R Roto Hub “Nothing better, these last me years at a time.”
Hub guard 34R Roto guard
Front tyre Vocal Bmx Mig Tyre Kevlar running 95 psi
Rear tyre Vocal Bmx Mig tyre Kevlar running 95 psi
Pegs Premium Chadow Pegs “Steel is real.”
Gyro Prototype Oldskool Stolen Bikes gyro
Weight 24lbs “With steel pegs and gyro!”
What else? “This is the tenth bike I have ever owned in 15 years of riding, his name is Phillip 10. This bike is tubeless – punctures self-seal and saves you 14 ounces (ish), goodbye to snake bites, hang up flats and rim dents and gyroscopic weight. Hello to faster corners, more grip and less effort.”

GT Junkfood saddle.
GT grips, twin gyro upper cable.
Profile FL stem keeping it tight.
Jason’s signature splatter / clearcoat finish always looks awesome, complete with Shamrock graphics…
Scott custom-painted his new rims to match the frame…
All set.

Helmet “This is the Bell Transfer-9, the model down from the Full-9 which is carbon fibre so it’s a little heavier, but with these you have no vision restriction, full certification across many countries and has a non-flexi-non-weak-ass shell so you can actually crash super hard in these and you will be not only more covered but better protected. A great affordable option for those out there looking for better protection at an affordable price. This is about half the cost of the next model up.”