Make It Happen Contest – with Greg Illingworth

Greg Illingworth always has something amazing on the boil, and right now it’s his Make It Happen contest – which gives YOU the chance to submit video clips and win prizes from the likes of Bell, Monster, Mongoose, Vans, and more, and win a place in the upcoming MIH Make The Cut video mixtape. It’s a really simple idea, and a really cool contest, and you can get involved by posting clips to the MIH website. We spoke with Greg about it after a heated weekend at Battle of Hastings.

When did you first have the idea for the MIH comp?
I’ve been thinking about doing something like this for about two or three years.
So how does the comp work – how can people get involved?
Basically any riders from around Europe can submit a video clip of themselves riding on our website One clip/trick per submission, but they can submit multiple times. Once all the clips are in and we reach deadline, then I will sit down with some trusted friends and choose the best 20. From those 20 we will make an edit.
What sort of video quality are you looking for?
As long as the video quality is not so bad that it distracts you from the riding then we will consider it. The most important criteria is the riding. Then comes filming, then comes video quality.
What prizes are up for grabs – who’s supporting the contest?
The companies supporting this are Mongoose, Source BMX, Monster Energy, Vans, Snafu and Bell Helmets. Every rider that Makes the Cut will get a prize, but we have a really sick hamper from each of those sponsors for some special prizes.
When’s the deadline, and what do you think the end result mixtape will look like?
Deadline for submitting clips is 30 September. I’m really not sure how the end tape will look, but I’m hoping it will be some kind of platform for good riders to get recognised.
What are you looking out for here – riders to come out of the woodwork and kill it?
I’m looking for clips and riders that deserve some limelight but perhaps usually wouldn’t get enough. I’m looking for dudes that are stoked to get out and film good riding for the sake of a good video.

Get involved – click on the MIH website and get your clips in