2018 Wethepeople Zodiac

The Zodiac is one of the most complete street bikes out there – if want a set-up that is pretty much the same as pros such as Jordan Godwin and crew ride, then here it is: the 2018 Wethepeople Zodiac. Full Japanese 4130 cromoly frame and fork, built with 20.75″ toptube and a super-short back end of 12.9″ making this thing a full on pro street weapon – 75.5º head angle, 9″ standover, 11.75″ BB, top and down tube gussets, chain tensioners – the translucent brown model (with left hand drive) looks perfect. 4pc bars, topload stem, slick-cut Wethepeople 2.4″ tyres, Eclat AK sprocket guard, Slattery stem with 25.4 O/S clamp, Eclat Cortex front hub, Eclat Cortex freecoaster rear hub – both hubs built with hub-guards… the list of after-market parts goes on and on. This bike is set!
UK RRP: £849

Frame: 4130 full crmo, tapered SS & CS, removable pivots & guides, invest cast dropout with intg. chain tensioner
Fork: WETHEPEOPLE “Zodiac” fork, butted, sanko tubing, cnc steerer, 26mm offset
Bars: WETHEPEOPLE “Zodiac” full 4130 crmo 4pc bar, 25.4mm clamping
Grips: WETHEPEOPLE “Hilt XL” flangeless grips
Stem: ÉCLAT “Slattery”, cnc alloy top loading stem, 25.4mm clamping
Headset: SALTPLUS “Echo” int. headset, sealed bearing
Gyro: holes for removable gyro tabs
Lever: SALTPLUS “Geo” hinged alloy brake lever
Brakes: ÉCLAT “Talon” alloy u-brake rear
Cranks: SALTPLUS “ELITE” (L&R) tubular 3pc crank crmo 165mm, 48 spline
BB: SALT “Mid” 19mm, press fit, sealed bearing
Pedals:  ÉCLAT “Slash” nylon/fiberglass pedals
Chain: SALTPLUS “Warlock” hlaf-link chain
Sprocket SALTPLUS “ELITE” 6061-T6 alloy, 25t sprocket & ÉCLAT”AK” Nylon
Driver: 9t, 1pc freecoaster driver, sealed bearing
Front Hub: ÉCLAT “Cortex” hub, sb, 3/8″‘s female bolts, 36h
Rear Hub: ECLAT “Cortex” freecoaster hub, full sealed, 9t, 14mm axle, 36h
Hubguards: ÉCLAT Nylon Cortex front (x2) & Viper rear (x1) hub guards
Front Rim:  ÉCLAT “Camber” sleeved double wall rim, 36h
Rear Rim:  ÉCLAT “Camber” sleeved double wall rim, 36h
Seat:  ÉCLAT “OZ” fat padded pivotal seat
Seat Post: SALT “AM” pivotal seat post, alloy, 150mm
Seat Clamp: integrated seat clamp
Tires:  WETHEPEOPLE “Stickin” 2.4″ front/  2.3″ rear
Weight: 12.30kg / 27.13lbs

“The Zodiac is a fully-fledged street warrior built up with some of the latest cutting edge parts from éclat including a wheelset using the new (Camber) rims and (Cortex) hubs with Nylon hub guards. Based off the new-school tech setups that many of the PRO team are riding on, the Zodiac features the shortest chainstay ever used on a complete bike at 12.95”, and is paired up with shorter 165mm cranks, a 26mm offset fork and even an oversize 25.4mm 4pc bar and éclat (Slattery) stem. Available in two amazing colourways in either RSD or LSD, this freecoasting beast has everything you could need to go seek and destroy.” – WTP