More about Wethepeople’s 2018 Bikes – Watch

The Master series from Wethepeople – the 2018 Crysis and Versus – is a killer line of bikes. Here Dave from WTP takes us through these mid-level bikes… and DAMN they are good.

“As part of MANIFESTO WEEK Wethepeople have flown over to California with the team and will be brinGing you an in-depth look at their new 2018 complete bikes, frames and products over the next week. In this second video, Wethepeople’s Dave Paterson breaks down their MASTER SERIES of 2018 bikes, allowing you to get to grips with some of the most incredible complete bikes on the market.” – RIDE BMX

The 2018 Wethepeople Complete Bike Collection will be available from bike shops worldwide any day now, for more info make sure you head to their website or search wethepeople bmx.