Watch: Dan Kruk, Dan Foley, and the Madera crew RAW

Hot on the heels of Madera‘s team trip video the other day, here’s the 2nd version, the RAW edit – with a whole load of second angles, raw cuts, b-roll and slams… get into this with Dan Foley, Dan Kruk, Dylan McCauley, Erik Elstran, Mike Hinkens, Taylor Thompson, and Jeff Dowhen.

“When you go on a trip with your good friends and the vibes are good you are bound to get some amazing footage. On this last Madera trip we ended up with way too much footage to put into one coherent video so after we made the trip video Grant put together some of the unused clips, second angles, and out takes into this 6 minute raw video. We feel like it does a good job of showing what goes into getting the clips you see in a final video as well as gives you some good vibes along the way.” – Madera

Filmed and Edited: Grant Castelluzzo