Check Out What Greg Illingworth Is Riding

If you were at Battle of Hastings this year, you’d have witnessed the sheer velocity that Greg Illingworth attacks the Source Park with – it’s just bananas. How anyone can go THAT fast and go THAT big, it’s just insane – all topped off with that wallride grind. No-one could touch that power move. During a chill session at Hastings’ other skatepark up the hill, we grabbed Greg’s custom Mongoose for a bike check and a quick Q&A.

Greg. Chills.

FRAME: MONGOOSE GI custom (TT: 21.25, HT: 74.5, ST: 69, CS: 13.5)
FORK: SNAFU magical
BARS: SNAFU Greg Illingworth (MiTH) bars
STEM: Credence
GRIPS: SNAFU Greg Illingworth
SEAT: SNAFU Solo seat padded
CRANKS: SNAFU Mayweather
CHAIN: Half link
FRONT TYRE: Tall Order Wall
REAR TYRE: Tall Order Wall
FRONT WHEEL: Odyssey Antigram
REAR WHEEL: Profile mini cassette 9t, Gsport rim
PEGS: Eclat

“The only difference in this frame compared to 99% of other MONGOOSE frames is that we’re not producing them to sell. You can’t buy Lewis Hamilton’s MERCEDES F1 car, but it’s still a Mercedes” – Greg

Mongoose GI frame / Tall Order tyres / Snafu forks
Snafu cranks, sprocket and pedals
Signature Greg Illingworth grips? Check.
Snafu seat.
Crossed sabres! CUSTOM.
The Mongoose GI frame.

So this is a custom Mongoose frame right? How did you go about designing it, getting it built, who built it… what’s the deal?
Yes, it’s a Mongoose of course! I worked with UK frame manufacturer Ted James and the product designers at Mongoose USA. We met a few times and discussed all the different geometry options I liked, I gave him my previous dimensions and mentioned things I wanted to change. Once we had the geometry dialled, he suggested different materials we could use for the tubing. Pretty much all the tubes are different and specifically chosen for where we need strength and where we can save weight. The guys at Mongoose USA were in on the discussions and approved every step.
What’s your take on people who say to you, “well it’s not a Mongoose”?
Well it is a Mongoose. I designed it under instruction from Mongoose, I ride for Mongoose, it was made for Mongoose and paid for by Mongoose. The only difference in this frame compared to 99% of other frames is that we’re not producing them to sell. You can’t buy Lewis Hamilton’s F1 car, but it’s still a Mercedes. Mongoose team frames are available to buy though, the La Familia – Kevin Peraza’s signature frame.
What custom mods have you made to your bike?
I cut my bars down by an inch recently but other than that everything else is just put on and ride.
What’s the newest part on your bike?
The pegs and rear hub guard for sure. I rode pegless most of the summer and just put some new ones on.
What’s the oldest part on your bike – any part you just won’t change?
Front wheel or the forks.
How often do you put together a new set-up?
I don’t often build an entirely fresh set up, but I’d say around every 6-12 months everything is freshened up.
How good are you at keeping the thing dialled?
Pretty good seeing as I get most parts free, but sometimes it gets ratty really fast if I’m traveling a lot. Dismantling, bagging, flying and rebuilding it 10-20 times does more damage than you might think.
What else is new – what are you planning next?
I’m enjoying being at home in Hastings at the moment, but I’m going back to SA for a short trip in at the end of October. Many plans for next year…

Now THAT’S a set up.