Go Behind The Scenes with GT’s factory visit

This is a pretty decent quick insight in to where complete bikes are made – in this case, in one of the most consistent assembly factories in Taiwan, which is used by a few key brands including Mongoose and GT. Here the GT team gets the full tour – check out how the products are tested, frames are painted, stickered up, wheels are built, gyros dialled in, how everything assembled – click to watch.

“Have you ever wondered how those complete bikes get assembled and where and by who? Here’s an in-depth look at a reputable bicycle factory in Taiwan that we got to tour while on the road with the GT BMX squad… Complete with hyperbolic test chambers, moving conveyer belts, wheel building machines, and much much more. This shit is pretty nuts, but major shouts to all of the factory workers out there who keep up cruising in the streets! Thank you to Ben Ward and GT for making this happen.”