Fremont x Palace Video?

Unless you’ve been living under a rock (or are completely unaware of skateboarding right now) then you’ll have seen the new Palace skate video. Filmed over the course of six years with their whole team in and around London city centre, 45minutes long and as street as it gets, Palasonic is a prime video. Palace is a on a massive high right now, an amazing business case of how to build a clothing brand (everything they make is hugely expensive, sells out in minutes through their site, and then sells again at an even bigger premium by Depop reselling kids). It’s nuts – Palace basically made a license to print money. HOWEVER
Fremont predated the Palasonic‘s whole ghetto “filmed on a VHS camera and sliced together” video style by at least a decade and nailed it. Fremont was Rich Hirsch‘s clothing brand and they had some amazing riders on their team – Eddie Cleveland, Chase Dehart, early freecoaster pioneers – and really helped pushed modern-day street riding. Some killer moves in this – even by today’s standards. Kudos to the ever-creative Hirsch for pulling this off back in the day – Rich is now brand manager for Primo and Stranger. And for the sake of comparison to Fremont’s video, here (below) is Palasonic. Enjoy.