Wethepeople Pathfinder 4pc Bars

All new for 2018 – coming from the creative mind of Felix Prangengberg, this is the new Pathfinder 4pc bar from Wethepeople. These are available in either 9″ or 9.6″ rise, come with 11.5 degree backsweep, an oval crossbar, and in either standard 22.2mm clamp or oversize 25.4mm tubing. If they’re good enough for Felix, they’re good enough for anyone.

OS 25.4mm clamp versions
Regular 22.2mm

“After a standout part in “Foundation” we decided to reward German tech machine Felix Prangenberg with his own signature collection. The Pathfinder collection utilizes cutting edge and innovative technology – that goes hand in hand with Felix’s highly progressive style of riding.” – WTP

full liquid post heat-treated 4130 “M2“ crmo
TUBING: plain gauge tubing for extra strength
RISE: 9.6″ / 9″
WIDTH: 29″
BACKSWEEP: 11.5 degrees
UPSWEEP: 3 degrees
SPECIAL FEATURES super strong plain gauge tubing design / two rise options / oval crosstube for dent resistance and strength / available in 25.4mm OVERSIZE (OS) clamping, and 22.2mm / 4pc construction
COLORS: glossy black ed
WEIGHT: 9.6″ 22.2mm – 1084g (38.4oz : 2.39lbs)

INFO: The Pathfinder 4pc handlebar FEATURES AN OVAL CROSSTUBE FOR IMPROVED STRENGTH AND DENT RESISTANCE, and is available in 2 rise options and both standard and 25.4mm OS (Oversize) tubing sizes to accommodate the growing demand for oversize bars. Both are two of our most advanced products yet and are sure to once again set the benchmark in BMX design.