Unit 23 Xmas Jam Went Off!

Fuelled by a stack of iced coffee, Unit 23‘s annual Xmas Jam went off… watch the highlight reel now!

INFO: It’s been a while since we’ve seen a jam at our local Unit 23 skatepark in Glasgow, Scotland but Chaz Mailey and the crew there thought it was about time to get everyone together again. The invites were sent, Bucky put on ice and the big bowl in Hall 1 was the venue. Sit back and enjoy a whole load of roasting from the likes of Kriss Kyle, Chaz and Connor Mailey, young Kieran Reilly and more.
“Having not put on a BMX event at Unit23 for a minute or two, we decided to have a bowl jam to end the year. What started as a little ‘friends only’ bowl session, soon turned into a bit of a jam, with speakers, flyers, prizes and Bucky. It’s cool to see the BMX world come together and make things like this happen, even north of the north. We’d like to thank our sponsors for helping us put this little jam together, BSD, Source, DIG, Endless & Seventies. A special thanks goes out to Jimmy’s Iced Coffee for being so down to help out, and a massive thanks to everyone that showed up and made it such a rad time! Here’s to next year! Here we go.” – Chaz Mailey / Unit 23
Filmed and edited by Dave Sowerby / Additional filming by Alex Donnachie