Watch All The Bangers at Monster Triple Challenge

The first bike contest of the year – a sideshow at the first 2018 US Supercross Season race of the season, the Monster Triple Challenge (although, we don’t know where ‘triple’ comes from as this technically speaking this isn’t a triple set… two doubles… maybe there are three rounds of the event in the series). Technicalities aside, this dirt contest is a flipwhip extravaganza – Kevin Peraza and Pat Casey holding it down!

“If this is a taste of what’s to come in 2018, it’s going to be an absolutely insane year. Watch countless bangers from Dawid Godziek, Logan Martin, Kyle Baldock, Colton Walker, Jake Leiva, Kevin Peraza, Jacob Bailey, Pat Casey, and more from the first Toyota Triple Challenge of the year!” – VitalBMX