Wethepeople Mad Max Bars

A classic bar if there ever was one – the Mad Max bar is Max Gaertig’s signature bar and has been made by Wethepeople for years… always upgrading and evolving every year till we get to this bar: now 9.5″ tall and 30″ wide, with 11º sweep and dual-radius bends for total strength, the Mad Max bar is now also available in 25.4 as well as standard 22.2mm clamp sizes. Those who know, know.

full liquid post heat-treated 4130 “M2“ crmo
TUBING: 7/8” multiple butted
RISE: 9.5″
WIDTH: 30″
BACKSWEEP: 11 degrees
UPSWEEP: 1.5 degrees
SPECIAL FEATURES: dual radius bends for extra strength / Available in 22.2mm and NEW 25.4mm oversize
COLORS: glossy ED black, chrome
WEIGHT: 809g (28.53oz : 1.78lbs)

INFO: The Mad Max bars have been a part of our line since 2008 to cater to Max Gaertig’s powerful style with a towering (at the time) 8.7″ rise. The Mad Max bars now feature a rise of 9.5″, and a width of 30″. Paired up with Max’s proved geometry, the classic just got better – AVAILABLE IN 22.2MM AND 25.4MM SIZES – WTP