GT Power Series 3pc Cranks

A homage to one of the original 3pc cranks from back in the day – GT came out with the original Power Series aluminium cranks in the late ’80s and tons of people rode them, and then Primo basically used exactly the same design for their incredibly popular Powerbite cranks (a bite on the Power design?) which are still going today. The original GT Power Series cranks are now back in a new, tougher guise – 7050 aluminium arms with cromoly pedal inserts, polished finish, etched logo, cromoly 22m spindle, choose from left or right side drive, and way higher build quality. Used by the team guys, these aren’t merely a feeble repop – these are legit, strong as houses BMX cranks. Check them out.

Arm: 7050 Aluminum, Steel Pedal Inserts, 175mm length
Spindle: 22mm Hollow Chromoly
Spindle Splines: Square
Drive: Left & Right
Weight: 34.3 oz. (without BB)

The best aluminium cranks on the market right now – GT Power Series