Bike Check – What Jordan Godwin is riding now

Check it out – Jordan spent some time in the States recently, and the guys at RideBMX sat him down to talk through his Battleship set-up. Hit play!

“Jordan Godwin has some hype around him right now, but that’s because he’s a genuinely good dude, has unfathomable levels of tech skill on a bike (but he goes BIG too), and he’s also an artist. Check out Doomed Brand (@DoomedBrand), but first check out Jordan’s current setup – a WeThePeople “Battleship” in Jordan’s signature colorway, laced with WTP and Éclat parts.” – RideBMX

Frame: WeThePeople Battleship (20.75) Fork: WTP Battleship Bars: Éclat Chocolate Grips: WTP Manta Stem: WTP Hydra Seat: Éclat Bois Tripod Cranks: Éclat Spire 160mm Sprocket: Éclat AK guard (28-tooth) Front Tire: Éclat Mirage 2.35 Front Wheel: Éclat Cortex Rear Tire: Éclat Mirage 2.35 Rear Wheel: Éclat Cortex x/ Bondi V2 rim Pedals: Éclat Seeker Pegs: Éclat Venim 4.5