Watch: Swampfest Dirt Highlights Now!

Oh man… combine a creative jump line, the best riders on board, human flamethrowers and the typical looseness that comes from a jam in Florida, and you get this: Florideah Swamp Fest, dirt highlights! Get in.

“What would a Swamp Fest be without water? Thanks to Cody Diggs’ ambitious shovel work, water hazards are ever present along the first few more technical jumps in the trails—pretty much ensuring that anyone who strays off course is taking a dip. A few riders got drenched, but many more kept it high and dry—including the likes of Leandro Moreira, Lukas and Nathan Halahan, Van Homan, Mark Burnett, Matt Ray, Mike Hoder, and more… This was just a casual session and I’m sure with today being the official Swamp Fest, it’s going to get way more crazy out there.” – RideBMX