What about what Dillon Lloyd is running?

Let’s catch up with Dillon Lloyd and check out what he’s riding right now. Hit it Dillon.

“Dillon Lloyd runs down his WeThePeople Buck build, laced with Éclat parts, while out in California for the winter (but rumor has it that Dill is making the move to CA full time very soon). Dillon is known for his high flying stunts and big drops, but he’s got the tech moves too. And if you pay any attention to Dill on the gram (@DillLloyd) you’ll know that he’s been honing those tech moves this year while recovering from a foot injury / surgery. Dillon Lloyd 2.0 is soon to be upon us.” – RideBMX

Frame: Dillon’s Signature WeThePeople “BUCK” frame, 21″
Fork: Éclat “Storm”
Bars: WTP “BUCK”
Stem: Éclat “Onyx”
Seat: WeThePeople Tripod seat (The Fat One)
Cranks: WeThePeople “Legacy” 165mm
Sprocket: Éclat “AK Signature”
Front Tire: Éclat “Mirage”
Front Wheel: Éclat “Cortex” hub and “Polar” rim
Rear Tire: Éclat “Mirage”
Rear Wheel: Éclat “Cortex” freecoaster on “Bondi V2” rim
Pedals: Éclat “Slash”
Pegs: WTP “Dill Pickle” Pegs
Grips: Éclat “Pulsar”