Listen To Brian Kachinsky Talk Uncovered Contests

Check this out – Brian Kachinsky hooked up with Joe at BMX in our Blood to record this Podcast speaking about the Uncovered contest series, and much much more.
Joe: “It’s not too often you talk to a total freestyle badass that is incredibly motivated to give back to the BMX community. Brian Kachinsky is just that person. He and Van Homan have created a three stop amateur BMX freestyle series that started in Maryland, continued in Pittsburgh at The Wheel Mill (where this interview took place) and will wrap up at the Four Seasons park in Milwaukee on March 24th. Please take tips from Brian in this interview and give back to BMX in any way you can. Doesn’t mean you have to put on an event, just create an atmosphere that promotes the sport. So thank you Brian along with Van Homan for doing such great work while continuing to ride like the pros they are.”
You can support their efforts by going to events and following them on IG at @uncoveredbmx or on their website