GT Superlace Hubs

GT are really stepping up the game at the moment with their parts and accessories program – and it shows. Check these Superlace hubs out. Styled after the classic hubs from back in the day, the modern incarnation features sealed cartridge bearings throughout, high-grade aluminium hub-shell with that oh-so-classic high-flange look, cromoly axles, female axle system, and a choice in set-ups: 16T/10mm option for Vintage/Race bikes and 9T/14mm option for modern street/park bikes. Either way, the UK RRP of £129 for a pair is an absolute steal.

Go to Alans BMX for more info/ordering.

Polished hubs never looked so good! Choose from 9T cromoly driver for street/park set-ups, or a 16T version for race/old-school.