GT 4pc Bars

Now officially in the GT BMX P&A line, here are the OG 4pc bars – and they’re perfect. Now available in two sizes and two colours – choose from 9.125″ or 8.6″ tall (with taller versions on the way, apparently) these are the bars that spawned a bunch of similar handlebars from other companies (most notably, Animal’s Scerbo bars – a mid-school staple, still available today) but these are the OGs. Full cromoly, street geometry and spec, built tough AF, and with that iconic profile that GT pioneered way back in the day. These modern iterations of the 4pc bar are perfect. Get into these!

Chrome GT OG 4pc bars. PERFECT.

GT 4- Piece Original Bar
Price: $64.99 / £59.99
Weight: 34.8oz (9.125″)
Colors: Black, Chrome, Gloss Clear Raw
5° up sweep
9° back sweep
29″ wide
Two sizes: 9.125″ & 8.6″
Straight Gauge 4130 Chromoly
1 piece bar upper with OS (oversized) bends for added strength
OS 1″ vertical tubes for added strength
Aggressive Knurling
“GT” stamped bar caps

GT 4pc bars as used by Brian Kachinsky. Good enough for BK = good enough for anyone!