Check out the BEST TRICK JAM – Fise Jeddah 2018

Some crazy stuff is going down at these FISE contests these days – here’s the Best Trick Jam from the last round in Saudi… mental.

“To be completely honest, I had no idea there was even a Best Trick Jam until it started. So, I was caught a little off guard and didn’t really stand in the best spot to film the riding. Buuuut, I did happen to be on the deck with all the riders, so here’s a bit of a raw/Bullshittin’ style cut of the Best Trick Jam at Fise Jeddah… Oh, and they ended up splitting the win between Daniel Wedemejier’s whip transfer and Kostya Andreev’s indian air seatgrab tailwhip to barspin.” – RYAN, RideBMX