Hell yeah! Another heavy-hitter has signed up for GT in France this week, and here’s his Welcome tape – ladies and germs, here’s Sullyvan Guaincêtre and three minutes of fire.

“French shredder Sullyvan Guaincêtre first caught GT’s attention after his second place finish in the 2015 SOSH Urban Motion. Then he followed up with a lasting impression with the GT squad during their Euro Tour while in Paris. So when the opportunity to add him to the team came about, “it was an easy yes from myself and the rest of the team” according to Ben Ward, GT’s Product Manager. Without further delay, he’s GT’s newest recruit, Sullyvan Guaincêtre, about to hit you with that lasting impression too…” – RideBMX

GT Bicycles is such an iconic Brand, it is an honor to ride for them. I love the Globetrotter frame which suits my riding very well and is super easy to ride. I am also very happy with GT’s positioning to push for the promotion of helmet safety to the younger riders, which is totally aligned with my position on that topic these days! Added to that a great team of great riders, I am pretty stoked to be part of GT Bicycles!” – Sullyvan Guanincetre