Check out Dustyn Alt’s frozen video

Here’s something you don’t see every day of the week – riding in snow. Wethepeople‘s Dustyn Alt rode in this FREEZE feature by Ric Flade. Some really good filmwork here…

“Freeze want to ask you about your own limits. People around you want to tell what´s your limit. They want to restrict you for your own save they said. They don’t see your vision, but THE ONLY LIMIT IS YOU” – RIC

BMX-Flatland is not possible on snow, normally. You need a dry, grippy and flat bottom. That’s the reason why we try it on snow! Push your limits… Ric

Regie – Thomas Helbig
BMX – Dustyn Alt
Camera – Ric Flade
Assistent – Philipp Gruendig
Musik – Tom Glombik
Voice – Sebastian Fuehr
Storyboard – Lisa Boernert