Riding on a frozen sandcastle, in Russia?

Yep – yep, you read that right. Red Bull built this incredible set-up and then the guys went to work on it.

“Two of Russia’s best BMXers head to the freezing northwest of their country to embark on a unique skatepark build. Four hundred tons of sand and water, frozen to almost concrete-levels of hardness. This was the material chosen to construct a giant skatepark castle on the shores of Lake Ladoga in Northwest Russia. The unusual playground was the brainchild of Kostya Andreev and Irek Rizaev.” – Red Bull

INFO: Everyone is familiar with building sand castles; fragile structures unable to withstand the returning tide. Irek and Kostya decided to build a bigger-size castle suitable for BMX riding. It took the pair quite a while to choose exactly the right location for building the park. Eventually, they selected the northern part of Lake Ladoga where they found a beach with a beautiful view and access to the water. In the winter, the air temperature is incredibly low – perfect for ensuring the sustainability of the build.
Only two ingredients were used for constructing the park: sand and water. At -30 Degrees Celsius, frozen sand was very similar to concrete in its properties and provided excellent grip. Irek and Kostya rode several truly frosty sessions and managed to demonstrate a totally stunning performance