GT Pool Tyre

The preferred tyre choice of the likes of Brian Kachinsky, Dan Conway and more, the GT Pool tyre is the perfect all-round street, park, dirt tyre – knurled surface, 2.3″ size, and available in a bunch of colours. Affordable, durable, these tyres last a seriously long time, grip hard, and roll fast. What more do you want in a good BMX tyre? You want limited edition Junkfood print available on the sidewall as well? Or how about a black tyre that turns red as it wears out – the Shred & Shed model – well, you got it. Good enough for BK, good enough for everyone!

Size: 20 x 2.30”
Inflated Width: 2.37” (60mm)
Inflated Diameter: 20.60” (523.2mm)
Max Pressure: 60 psi
Weight: 31.40oz
• Non-directional tread
• Micro-knurled surface
• Quick Release grind friendly sidewall