BRIAN KACHINSKY & SULLYVAN GUAINCETRE Just dropped this street edit

Brian Kachinsky spent some time in Lyon, France recently with the guys at Frenchys and filmed this video with GT‘s Sullyvan Guiancetre – one of the sickest new street riders to come outta France. This quality video is by Romain Fel. And wait for BK’s crash from a grind-gone-wrong on a bridge… Holy smokes.

“When I was a child I can remember my mom often saying, “A lot can change in a few days”. This was usually when something would go wrong or if I was feeling ill or upset. Fast forward to adulthood, life has taught me that this phrase is still very applicable. I feel like in “just a few days” a trip to Lyon, France with Sully and the Frenchy’s crew turned from a fun idea to a reality. In the blink of an eye, I was headed to Lyon to hang out with one of my newest GT teammates. In “just a few days” I got introduced to Sully’s intelligence, laid back attitude, and his extremely smooth riding style. We shared a ton of laughs and passion for street exploration. I’m really excited to have Sully as a part of the GT crew and look forward to future adventures with him. In “just a few days” we experienced a lot—good and bad—but with that comes character and bonding experiences. I’m happy to say that in “just a few days” Sully grew from an acquaintance to a friend. This is yet another reason why BMX is the best. Merci beaucoup to GT, Sully, Johan, Alban and the entire Frenchy’s Distribution crew. J’ai de la chance de t’avoir comme ami.” —Brian Kachinsky

“It’s always a great pleasure to travel with new guys, especially when it is with the legendary BK & the good Sullyvan. As in every trip, there was many adventures—crashes, a broken fish-eye lens, and plenty of rain—but the good memories are the only ones that remain. Thanks to both BK and Sullyvan for giving their best and to Frenchys and GT to develop BMX the right way. Here is the story of our four days around Lyon & Saint-Etienne.” —Romaine Fel