Watch in the Volvo with Jeff Z and Ryan Biz Jordan

RideBMX have just kicked off a new series of videos with Jeff Z and his pride and joy Volvo 240 – mic’d up and with GoPros on board, time for some driving and chatting with Jeff: first in the Volvo is none other than Biz. Classic.

“Ride’s Jeff Zielinski has been producing content out of his tried and true vintage Volvo for years. You never know who he may be rolling with and it was only a matter of time before we got a camera in there to capture all the conversations while driving from spot to spot. For our first episode of In The Volvo we meet up with Ryan Jordan. Many miles were covered along with plenty of BMX history. After hitting a warm up session at a local park, we meet up with Mike Mastroni to film some clips for Ride’s new video, Headlights.” – RideBMX