Watch Drinking Black Coffee – The Art Of Steve Crandall

Epic. If you don’t love Steve Crandall, please find the nearest exit and leave the building immediately.

Video by DigBMX

“A person’s motivation reveals a lot about them. and I wanted to find out more about what motivates the one and only Steve Crandall beyond what we know of him with FBM. Always creating and enjoying things with the community that he surrounds himself with, Crandall’s intentions through life are pure, and his actions reflect that. He holds BMX values as a foundation and that spreads into every aspect of his life. Whether he’s coasting a big bike down a hill, digging in the dirt, or painting a coffee cup, it all comes from the same place and for the same reasons. This short film was shot in early April 2018 and documents Crandall in Richmond VA dealing with his first ever solo art show, and his preparation for the show 6 hours north in his hometown of Ithaca NY.” – Kenny Horton

Filmed and edited by Kenny Horton