Watch Practice and Finding Lines at the Vans Pro Cup

With an all-new park course on hand, it takes a while to get the lines sorted and find where the park works for you – RideBMX are in the mix filming the practice sessions to see what’s what, and who’s killing it already.

“Today was the second day of practice for Vans Pro Cup 2018 at Vans US Open, but for most riders it was their first time riding the course. Compared to the first practice on Saturday morning, today’s session was way more crowded and hectic. Instead of simply cutting together the highlights in one or two trick clips, I thought it would be interesting to really show the riders getting used to the course and figuring out their lines. This video was filmed in two hours and even in that time you can see how some dudes continue to refine their lines. Overall, it’s pretty incredible to see how quickly they’re getting used to the bowl and I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with over the next few days. This is going to be an amazing contest.” – RideBMX