More Vans Pro Cup Highlights? Yep: Let’s Go

VitalBMX were also on deck for the Vans Pro Cup, with Kyle behind the lens and all the big guns riding at mach eleven all weekend. This was one of the BEST comps this year… hit play.

“Insanity from the finals of the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup in Huntington Beach, California! Riders include Dennis Enarson, Kevin Peraza, Matty Cranmer, Pat Casey, Alex Hiam, Chase Hawk, Boyd Hilder, Kris Fox, Corey Bohan, Sergio Layos, Rim Nakamura, and more!” – VitalBMX

Final Results
1. Dennis Enarson
2. Alex Hiam
3. Larry Edgar
4. Kevin Peraza
5. Boyd Hilder
6. Sergio Layos
7. Kris Fox
8. Chase Hawk
9. Gary Young
10. Matty Cranmer
BEST TRICK – Larry Edgar
HIGHEST AIR – Larry Edgar