Watch the finals from Vans BMX Pro Cup: Guadalajara

The Vans Pro Cup circus set up camp down in Mexico over the weekend and the contest went OFF. This park is pretty tricky to master, but as usual the guys with the best lines killed it. Here’s the highlight video from VitalBMX… click, watch, enjoy.

“Get the full scoop on everything that went down in the third stop of the 2018 Vans BMX Pro Cup in Guadalajara, Mexico! Riders include Dennis Enarson, Alex Hiam, Corey Bohan, Gary Young, Jason Watts, Larry Edgar, Kevin Peraza, Corey Walsh, and more.” – VitalBMX

1st – Jason Watts
2nd – Sergio Layos
3rd – Boyd Hilder
4 – Larry Edgar
5 – Gary Young
6 – Alex Hiam
7 – Kevin Peraza
8 – Kris Fox
9 – Matty Cranmer
10 – Corey Bohan
BEST TRICK: Sergio Layos
BEST LINE: Gary Young
1st – Angie Marino
2nd – Nina Buitrago
3rd – Macarena Perez
4 – Teresa Azcoaga
5 – Margarita Valenzuela Meraz
6 – Jesse Gregory
7 – Dayana Lopez
8 – Tania Torres Reyes
9 – Michelle Gomez
BEST TRICK: Angie Marino