The Battle Of Hastings Finals – Watch Now

The best contest of the year delivered yet again. This time last September I left 2017 Battle Of Hastings thinking “what could possibly top that?!” and returned this year to find out. With a revamped bowl and another incredible pro line-up, Source Park was ready: and the riding was stepped up to yet another level. Old-school riders may claim that the old Backyard Jams set in summery fields and BMX tracks in Bexhill were the best of times and the vibe back then couldn’t ever be matched. Well, they’re wrong. So wrong. BMX contests do not get any better than this. Prove me otherwise. Watch this for starters.

“Finals at Battle of Hastings 2018 were insane—from the most tech street riders in the game, to tranny gods, to style cats—all the bases were covered. I literally can’t find the words to describe how awesome this contest was, just watch the video now and get hyped! And congrats to everyone at Source for putting on another incredible contest” – RideBMX