Riding a ramp in Times Square, New York…

We’ve seen ramps in weird places, but this one really stands out – because how on earth do you situate a mini ramp smack in the middle of one of the most hectic cities on earth? 50:50 Skatepark just did that: they rode a mini ramp in Times Square. So we spoke to Ed Pollio from 50:50 about it…

Austin sessioned the ramp right before flying out to Battle of Hastings…

“I love building ramps, and I’m always up to try something new.” – Ed

How’s life at 50:50 these days – all good?
5050 Skatepark is doing good, just celebrated our six year anniversary. We have grown to become a hub for BMX and Scooters mostly. It’s awesome seeing all the kids getting along and shredding together.
So how the hell did you get a ramp in to Times Square?
I initially had the idea for the guys to ride the ramp while driving through the streets, but Angelica my wife quickly advised against that, ha ha. I then pitched the Times Square idea to Austin Augie and he was down to cover it. The crew at 5050 is always down for crazy things so they hopped in our van and picked up Augie in Brooklyn and just went right over the Williamsburg Bridge and drove around the City.
Who were the riders involved in the project?
Augie Simoncini, Alex Avilla, Cameron Robbins, Eric Isaksen, and of course Austin Augie.
Who built this thing?
I built it with Cameron Robbins and Alex Avilla in a day, then we painted and stenciled our logo on it.
Having Austin on board must’ve helped – how did that go down?
I called him the day before he was going to leave for Source Park, Battle of Hastings. He was packing and just dropped everything and went out with us.
Have you got any more plans to put the ramp in weird places?
I love building ramps, and I’m always up to try something new. That being said, we do have a plan for it, but I think we should not let the cat out of the bag just yet.

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Times Square!