Watch The GT Completes Story Now: BK, Conway and Mercado drop hammers

GT‘s hammer team got together recently in LA to build box-fresh complete bikes and go ride with Jeff Z and Fudger from RideBMX in various spots around SoCal and produce this killer video. Proof if it were ever needed that today’s signature line bikes are up for the task – if Brian Kachinsky, Dan Conway and Albert Mercado can ride THIS solid on stock completes, then anyone can.

“We sent Brian Kachinsky and Dan Conway to meet up with Albert Mercado in San Diego, California. They were asked to leave their bikes at home and we shipped them their new 2019 Completes. They were allowed to add their favorite flavor of pegs and hubs guards to dial in the rides to get busy on. Welcome to The Complete Story. A video on complete bikes, not a complete bike video.” —Ben Ward, GT

Click the links below for more info on all the GT 2019 completes…
Brian Kachinsky – 2019 BK Team Signature – Trans Red Camo
Dan Conway – 2019 Conway Team Signature – Trans Teal
Albert Mercado – 2019 Mercado Team Comp – Tequila Sunrise