The Big Air Finals from X Games Australia… nuts.

X Games brought out the mega ramp in Australia and it went off – RideBMX were on deck for this Raw coverage… it’s interesting to note that a pro scooter rider, who also happens to be handy on a BMX bike, won the contest fair and square after a couple of years of campaigning to get an invite to the Mega event. Fair play, R-Willy. Shout out to Mykel Larrin for dropping 360s into the roll-in (which is no joke) and the best lookbacks in the game on that giant quarter.

“These runs from X Games Sydney BMX Big Air are nothing short of jaw dropping. Watch Morgan Wade, Vince Byron, Mykel Larrin, Ryan Williams, James Foster and more go head to head like true gladiators.” – RideBMX

1st Place – Ryan Williams
2nd Place – James Foster
3rd Place – Mykel Larrin