Check out Ten Years with Ben Hennon on Vans

Ten years is a LONG time when it comes to sponsorships these days, but not when you’re Vans and Ben Hennon is on board – check out this edit they’ve just put out celebrating a decade of Vans with Ben. Non-stop hammers!

“I was just a little french Flatland kid and remembered being so impressed (yet scared) by Ben when we first met at NASS in 2008. His riding was so powerful and his face was always so crazy when he was riding. That’s the first impression I had: a crazy guy from Northern England. Fast forward 6 years, I’m on filming trip with him in South Africa and we are partying together in the house where we are staying in. I kinda stopped and thought, ‘I had him all wrong!’ Hennon is the coolest, yet toughest, dude you’ll ever meet. He’s always down to ride, always down to party and most importantly always down to laugh. He has his own sense of humour, which some people don’t get, but that cracks me up. When I knew Ben was on a trip, I was always so hyped to go ‘cause I knew I was gonna have the best time! I have thousands of Hennon stories that you’ll probably never hear, and that’s the part of the legacy that he’s left. You made BMX look good mate, and I’m gonna miss going on trips with you! See again you soon I hope!” – Matthias Dandois (Vans Teammate)