Vans just dropped this epic with Courage Adams & Simone Barraco

Black and white? Check
HD slowmo of rugged hands? Check
Extreme close-up of an eyeball? Check
Incredible lines, NBDs, street and dialled filming? Check check check
Rich Forne is back behind the lens for this epic piece with Courage Adams and Simone Barraco for Vans, and you KNOW you want to watch this. Hit play now.

“The UNFILTERED series heads back to Europe for its fifth episode. This time around it’s the newest addition to the team, Simone Barraco, tagging along with Courage Adams on a mission through the streets and vibes of Sicily. UNFILTERED is a video series that highlights the raw side of a BMX trip. The struggle, achievements, noise, peace, challenges, injuries, languages, architectures, cultures, weather, food, people, traffic, travel and jet lag. All shot through the lens of filming visionary Rich Forne” – Vans